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revel in the lady love

Charlie x Gilda x Dorothy for an anon

Want something like this? <3

April  22   ( 12 )

Hael x Claire road trip AU for batman-sammy

Want something like this? <3

April  22   ( 12 )

Based on Comfort me and ease my troubled mind by sherlockstarked

She is light and shelter and you want to hide in everything she is because you don’t like yourself when you are alone. But Anna… You never thought something so beautiful could exist, but Anna, Anna is all the beautiful you thought never existed in the world.

Want something like this? <3

April  21   ( 26 )

Anna x Charlie art school AU for dothrakicas

Want something like this? <3

April  21   ( 19 )


Allydia AU: Alpha Lydia/Hunter Allison


Castiel x Sam; cisswap/beekeeping!AU for anon

There isn’t really a lot of money in beekeeping, but neither of them want to do anything else. It helps that Cassie comes from a wealthy family and has a huge savings account, but this is their dream. They have their little cottage with the massive backyard, they have their bees and they have each other.

So, yeah, perfection.

April  21   ( 17 )
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April  20   ( 209 )


Ruby x Meg - Lovers in Hell and on EarthI wanna lay in the dust
The dust is gonna fall here when I lie
God knows it’s just the devil in me
The devil that’s taking my hand to the fire
I never wanna leave you now
Leave you like the sun is gonna disappear
But it’s just believing now
Believing in my heart is what I’ve come to fear
And it’s the fire, the fire, the fire
It’s heavenly, heavenly desire
Desire, desire, desire

-Anna Calvi, Desire

April  20   ( 6 )