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joannael youtuber “best friends to girlfriends” au: jo and anna are childhood friends who decide to make a youtube channel one day. they document their day to day life, stuff they expect nobody to care about. to their surprise, it takes off; people love them. even more shocking, people - wait - what does ship mean?

April  19   ( 10 )


hael x claire au

When young artist Hael steps in to watch the auditions for her brother Castiel’s production of La Sylphide, the only person she has eyes for is an ambitious blonde with cutting grace and magnificent presence, Claire Novak, and it turns out Claire has an eye for Hael as well.

After the results of the auditions are posted, Hael invites Claire out for coffee to celebrate her leading role, and how can Claire refuse the woman who’s haunted her thoughts for weeks? What neither of them expected was for this simple coffee date to snowball into a lifelong commitment.

They draw inspiration from each other: Claire’s performance becomes even more honest, raw, and dynamic than ever before; and Hael produces her best work yet.

The rest, as they say, is history.

April  19   ( 31 )
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jo x anna, ghost hunters au >> written for song prompt 'creature fear' by bon iver

jo and anna have a ‘real ghost hunters’ show together, and are not unfamiliar to spending the night together… on and off the job. however, when a case brings up memories from anna’s past, and secrets are revealed, how will the girls make it out alive?

so many foreign worlds
so relatively fucked
so ready for us
so ready for us
the creature fear
April  19   ( 30 )


Anna x Ruby HighschoolAU

For rubysburnedwings

Shy Catholic girl, Anna has had a crush on Ruby, the most popular girl in school, since they started at the school. Now, with prom approaching and Ruby dating Sam, it’s almost too late so Anna starts sending anonymous messages to Ruby through her locker.

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April  19   ( 11 )

Jo x Anna tumblr AU for skyeviking

Jo starts following Anna on tumblr after reading some short stories she had posted and Anna becomes a fan of Jo’s selfies.

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April  16   ( 15 )

Anna x Jo punk AU for an anon :)

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April  16   ( 14 )

Jo x Anna coffee shop AU for the sweet anon who asked for this

Jo owns a cafe and Anna is a regular who she has a crush on.
(Is there a difference between a coffee shop and a cafe? Because i have no idea)

Want something like this? <3

April  15   ( 27 )


Photosets of Adrianne Palicki Looking Like a Flawless Warrior Princess [1/?] 


Krissy x Josephine
    (For Anonymous)
The summer after she graduates from high school, Krissy turns eighteen. Josephine takes her on a vacation. No hunts, no grime. Just the sea, the sun, and lazy make-out sessions on the beach.
April  15   ( 37 )


Every time Jo smiles, it’s like the world gets back a piece of its long lost beauty.

The apocalypse destroyed everything they ever stood for. It shattered their very foundations, sucked the Grace out of Anna’s body until she felt like nothing but a burnt-out shell, something to be thrown away in disgust.

Jo didn’t throw her away.

She still looks at her with this mixture of awe and surprise, like she can’t figure out why Anna bothered to stay with her in the first place. Anna never told Jo that she reminds her of everything they lost. It’s a good ache, the kind of ache that comes from a healing wound. Anna relishes it, welcomes it like one presses the edges of a bruise.

Anna never told Jo she loves her. She feels like it would make it real, somehow. More real than this huge clusterfuck of feelings, of shivers, of smiles. More real than her trust and her friendship.

Love is a dangerous word, these days more than ever. More than ever, when a second is enough for you to lose everything.

 Their cabin smells of wax and bad coffee. It smells of mud, too, and Anna can already feel it. Her knees protesting when she wakes up in the morning, gnawed by humidity and too-long hours spent guarding the gates of the camp. Her human body is decaying, aging slowly. She hates it.

Jo is humming under her breath, a small smile tugging at the corners of her mouth as she cleans the barrel of her gun. I love you, Anna thinks. It is a fleeting thought, one she tries to shove back desperately. But it’s too big for her empty body, resonates in the cavities of her chest, rings out at her ears like a heartbeat.

I love you, she mouths silently, and bows her head. Tries to forget the end of the world, the devil roaming the Earth. I love you, ‘till death do us part. Hell, it may come sooner rather than later.

April  15   ( 41 )
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